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Film/TV Music Composers & Filmmakers Networking Event this Halloween!

Don’t forget that the end of this month sees the Irish Music Rights Organisation (IMRO), Filmbase and the Contemporary Music Centre (CMC) host a networking event for film/TV music composers and filmmakers.Trapped in an editing room or studio? Looking to connect with fellow composers or filmmakers, TV show creators and music industry professionals? Want to team up with others to make great shorts, documentaries, viral videos, features, animations or other types of broadcast content? Then join us for this forthcoming event!  The afternoon will include talks by music and film professionals on a whole range of aspects specific to the composition and placement of music in film and TV.  Those taking part include composers Derek Gleeson, Liam Bates, Stephen Rennicks and Ciaran Hope, filmmaker Paddy Breathnach, foley artist Caoimhe Doyle and Head of Creative at Bucks Music Group Jonathan Tester and more.  The afternoon will also include a screening of Andrew Legge’s award-winning short film ‘The Girl with the Mechanical Maiden’.

Full details on all of the sessions and contributors is available on our blog.  Places are limited for this free session and must be booked through IMRO.


About lisamcnamee

Filmmaker and Writer. I spend most of my time sorting out the vast paperwork involved in the filmmaking process. I thought that a guide, specific to the Irish situation, might be helpful for those staring into the abyss that is funding and production paperwork. Here I will post tips for getting your film funded, sold, and details of any new sources of finance I come upon. Obligatory disclaimer: I'm a producer, not a lawyer so use common sense and check anything you take from this with your own representation before using.
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