The start of a 5000 mile journey…

Midnight in the garden and that bench…the start of our 5000 miles…

America is vast.

I realized that before getting here, but wow…5 hours of driving and yet the little blue dot stays stubbornly on a tiny piece of the very large map.

We started in Georgia a few days ago, the beautiful home of peaches, understated humidity and Savannah, my new favourite place.

It’s home to SCAD, the Savannah College of Art and Design whose influences reverberate quietly throughout the city. It’s obvious that many former students have set up their own businesses post graduation and the results are fantastic, with original design stores on nearly every block.

This place is chill, happy and comfortable with itself. The parks are numerous, full to bursting with willow trees, heavily laden with Spanish moss on which chattering squirrels race up and down.

We stayed at the Thunderbird Inn, a funny little spot with retro tunes blaring all day, a doughnut breakfast and free popcorn and lemonade in the afternoons.

Thunderbird Inn

If I end up retiring in the U.S. it’s got to be Savannah…we came across a horde of pensioners having the absolute craic (in a very civilized, southern way) in one of the smaller central park squares…wine, cheese and their own musicians. As you do…

We wandered through many of the parks but didn’t find Mr. Gump’s bench…next trip we’ll bring chocolates.


We finished our stay with dinner and a movie at The Florence, a grown up eatery in an up and coming area. Thunderball, vintage Sean Connery, was a hoot, if only for its stark reminders of the creeping sexism of the not so distant past. We loved the converted industrial building and wanted to hug the staff, but the food was a bit overcomplicated.

Mint julep anyone? Also to-go cups are a thing here, even in taxis…what’s not to love?




About lisamcnamee

Filmmaker and Writer. I spend most of my time sorting out the vast paperwork involved in the filmmaking process. I thought that a guide, specific to the Irish situation, might be helpful for those staring into the abyss that is funding and production paperwork. Here I will post tips for getting your film funded, sold, and details of any new sources of finance I come upon. Obligatory disclaimer: I'm a producer, not a lawyer so use common sense and check anything you take from this with your own representation before using.
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