Butterfly City

Old friends are best.

This year, my former documentary home, Planet Korda Pictures, is finishing its latest film project, Butterfly City. Like many Irish film projects, they have a small financial gap at the end of completing the film. If you have a spare tenner and want to help a hardy crew of filmmakers complete their dream project, the trailer and Indiegogo page are below.

In a purpose-built Lithuanian city, the Soviet-era nuclear power plant is shutting down. At a moment of economic turbulence and political tension, the Russian-speaking residents face an uncertain future. BUTTERFLY CITY is a documentary film about cultural identity, social inclusion, democracy, and freedom of expression. This project is almost fully financed. We seek contributions to help us bridge the final gap.

Indiegogo page

Butterfly City Film

Planet Korda Pictures




About lisamcnamee

Filmmaker and Writer. I spend most of my time sorting out the vast paperwork involved in the filmmaking process. I thought that a guide, specific to the Irish situation, might be helpful for those staring into the abyss that is funding and production paperwork. Here I will post tips for getting your film funded, sold, and details of any new sources of finance I come upon. Obligatory disclaimer: I'm a producer, not a lawyer so use common sense and check anything you take from this with your own representation before using.
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